AppSheet, one of the leaders in low code business application platforms, is our go-to development platform for improving business processes. Not only is it simple to create an application within days that can have a direct impact on your bottom line, but it’s also the most economical of the low code platforms on the market currently. Test applications can be run with up to 10 users for FREE!

The platform integrates with Google Sheets/Forms, Microsoft Excel, a variety of SQL server types on Amazon AWZ/Microsoft Azure/Google Cloud, Smartsheet and Salesforce.

Some of the many things AppSheet can do:

  • Scan barcodes
  • Log locations
  • Build dashboards
  • Apply logic
  • Accept signatures
Our approach is to focus on service-oriented businesses that have 3-10 employees. We use a common sense 3 prong approach to process development – assess, develop and deploy.


The first step is to assess your business or business process to determine the objective for improvement.


The next step is to develop your AppSheet application with the intention of improving the business processes targeted for improvement.


The final step is to deploy the application, iterate and change as you work it into your daily business processes and improve.

Check out our blog for Appsheet tips and tricks.